Online Fishing games

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Online Fishing Game

How long have you been playing online fishing games? Some have become professional players. But some people are just playing games and don’t still know how to increase their chances of winning. At this time, let me explain an easy way to win an online fishing game.

Online Fishing games

How to play online Fishing games

(1) Use as many bullets as you need

Most of the players have a habit. That is using too many bullets to kill just a little fish because you want to win greedily. You should estimate how many bullets will use for each fish. For example, if you shoot with 10 bullets for a fish that has 4 points, it sure the fish will die. But do you know what you forget? In this type of game, there is not only the fish that can be killed by 1 or 2 bullets but also the fish which can be killed by shooting up to 6 times. Therefore, use as many bullets as you need. Don’t shoot aimlessly, this will be the waste of bullets and you will be lost the game.

(2) Shooting with a few bullets

This method is playing the bullet you shot and shooting the fish with another bullet. You have to shoot the first bullet to the wall. Then shoot the second bullet to the fish you want to shot by aiming the direction of the bullet that is coming back from the wall. In this case, the force of the bullet coming from the wall and the force of the next bullet will hit the fish, making the fish unbearable. This method may be a little difficult, but if you can shoot well and in the right proportions, you will be able to shoot good fish with a small number of bullets.

(3) Keep your mind calm and play actively

Don’t shoot seriously the fish that other people are shooting. But focus on the big fish that your teammates are shooting. Because you can also save your bullets and earn more points. For example, if a four-shot fish was fired by four bullets from other players, you will only have to shoot two bullets to kill the fish. If the last sixth shot was your own, the point at which the fish would die would be your score. Therefore, pay attention and play actively.

Online Fishing games

(4) Focus on the fish that come out

As soon as you start the game, pay attention to the hole where the fish come out. This is because the first fish that came out was easy to die. So, you have to collect the points by shooting easy fish when you have the chance to do it. Is that right? Another thing is that if big fish come out, you can play by using the techniques as explained above. So, shoot the fish that was shot by other players and then transform into your fish. Therefore, do not forget to take care of the hole where the fish come out. I hope these four strategies that explained today will be effective for you. So, from now on, play an online fishing game in better ways than before….